about me

Me and the Mayor of Salt Lake City at the opening event for the new multimodal North Temple Bridge. August 17, 2011

I am Martijn van Exel, Nederlander in den vreemde, living in Salt Lake City because of the good people, the nice weather, the beautiful mountains, the great public transport and the delicious Mexican food. Oh, and because my wife is an Assistant Professor in the Art History department of the U.

This blog reflects my passion for all challenges that have ‘where‘ in them. I take these on in my spare time as well as on the clock – I am the resident OSM data and community expert at Telenav.

I am currently serving my second term as the President of the OpenStreetMap US Chapter board. This blog does not reflect the official position of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, the OSM US Chapter, or Telenav for that matter.

There’s a lot of things I love to do beside the geo stuff I write about here: hiking and skiing in beautiful places, photography — preferably with analog equipment, and passively and actively enjoying music, to name a few. I share some of my personal life on my microblog, schaaltreinen.nl.


A photo I took out of a Manhattan hotel room window with a HOLGA camera modified for 35mm film. 2009.

The name oegeo means nothing.It was chosen for the sole merit that it’s short, has geo in it somewhere and it was available as a subdomain on wordpress.com.

You can follow me on twitter, peruse my professional accomplishments on LinkedIn, or  friend me on Facebook if we’ve hung out. Or you can just email me at m@rtijn.org.

4 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hoi Martijn, enige tijd geleden van Richard Duivenvoorde je contactgegevens gekregen. Ben bij TomTom werkzaam als Product Manager LBS. In het kader van onze Map Share praktijken zijn we natuurlijk altijd geinteresseerd in het wel en wee van OSM. Ik begreep van Richard, dat jij de laatste tijd het voortouw neemt in Nederland. Is het mogelijk om eens een afspraak te maken bij TomTom, dat je ons eens kan bijpraten over de stand van zaken?

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Edward Mac Gillavry

  2. Hi,
    I’m working on the Wiki page GeoBase Import, and working with the discussion group on how we are to go about Importing tonnes of the Free government data onto the OpenStreeMap project.
    I was just checking your site, as PostGIS and MySQL was mentioned in discussion.

    Hopefully you will have some time to be able to help,
    All help is appreciated.

    Sam Vekemans
    Across Canada Trails

    • Hi Sam,

      I’ll check the OSM wiki to see how things are proceeding and wheteher there’s still something I could contribute.
      Sorry for being so slow to respond.


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