Pomodoro no more

Always on the lookout for making my professional life more managable and less stressful, I wanted to revisit the Pomodoro technique. It is an old time management technique that encourages you to split your work time into 25 minute units with a rhythm of short and longer breaks in between. Within the 25 minutes, you’d … Continue reading Pomodoro no more


First Granola

I change breakfast habits ~2x/year. I have two breakfasts I switch between. The first is two fried eggs, over easy, with toast. For toast I prefer Trader Joe’s sourdough sliced bread, for eggs I’ve settled on Vital Farms’ Alfresco Eggs. They are very pricy at $6.50 / dozen, but these eggs have beautiful deep yellow … Continue reading First Granola

The TIGER versus OpenStreetMap Battle Grid, improved!

I reposted this story on my OpenStreetMap Diary. I think the diaries are a great asset to the OpenStreetMap community and they are not used as much as they should. I will try and post more of my OpenStreetMap-related stories there (as well). If you follow the blog at openstreetmap.us, you will have heard about … Continue reading The TIGER versus OpenStreetMap Battle Grid, improved!

New MapRoulette challenge: Lane Counts

MapRoulette is overdue for a new challenge, and we have one that should keep us busy for a while: adding numbers of lanes to the main roads in N-America. This information would be great to have for advanced visualization and transportation analysis purposes. And a lot of it is already there, so let's just make … Continue reading New MapRoulette challenge: Lane Counts

OpenStreetMap US Virtual Mappy Hour

The new OpenStreetMap US Chapter board has been using Google+ Hangouts for meetings, and it has been serving us well. Hangouts are like conference calls, but you can see each other and that is a huge advantage over just talking on the phone. Google offers a more public variation on this theme called Hangouts On Air. … Continue reading OpenStreetMap US Virtual Mappy Hour