Pomodoro no more

Always on the lookout for making my professional life more managable and less stressful, I wanted to revisit the Pomodoro technique. It is an old time management technique that encourages you to split your work time into 25 minute units with a rhythm of short and longer breaks in between. Within the 25 minutes, you’d … Continue reading Pomodoro no more


First Granola

I change breakfast habits ~2x/year. I have two breakfasts I switch between. The first is two fried eggs, over easy, with toast. For toast I prefer Trader Joe’s sourdough sliced bread, for eggs I’ve settled on Vital Farms’ Alfresco Eggs. They are very pricy at $6.50 / dozen, but these eggs have beautiful deep yellow … Continue reading First Granola

The TIGER versus OpenStreetMap Battle Grid, improved!

I reposted this story on my OpenStreetMap Diary. I think the diaries are a great asset to the OpenStreetMap community and they are not used as much as they should. I will try and post more of my OpenStreetMap-related stories there (as well). If you follow the blog at openstreetmap.us, you will have heard about … Continue reading The TIGER versus OpenStreetMap Battle Grid, improved!

OpenStreetMap Chicago Hack Weekend Report

Last weekend I was in Chicago for the second N-American OSM hack weekend of the year. This one, for me and Serge, was entirely dedicated to MapRoulette. We wanted to get the next generation code as close to ready as possible for release - and we got pretty close I think! Here's a summary of … Continue reading OpenStreetMap Chicago Hack Weekend Report

New MapRoulette challenge: Lane Counts

MapRoulette is overdue for a new challenge, and we have one that should keep us busy for a while: adding numbers of lanes to the main roads in N-America. This information would be great to have for advanced visualization and transportation analysis purposes. And a lot of it is already there, so let's just make … Continue reading New MapRoulette challenge: Lane Counts

Looking back on a fantastic OpenStreetMap hack weekend in Toronto

I am on my way back home from my first visit to Toronto, and my first ever visit to Canada – currently nursing a mild hangover with a Minnesota ale on a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis. All of this is connected to the second OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend in Toronto I was lucky enough to … Continue reading Looking back on a fantastic OpenStreetMap hack weekend in Toronto