Decision Day for State of the Map US 2017

I am involved in organizing the world's largest annual OpenStreetMap gathering called State of the Map US^. This year, it is going to take place in lovely Boulder, Colorado, on October 20-22. If you are interested in OpenStreetMap, how people and companies as big as Microsoft and Amazon use it, and its vibrant community of mappers, organizers and developers, you should come!


If you are considering joining us,today is Decision Day for you! It is the last day to purchase your conference registration at the reduced rate of $100. After today, the registration price will go up by an unspecified but non-trivial amount 😏.

By the way, it also happens to be the last day to submit your idea for a presentation, workshop, lighting talk or something else. If you are doing something useful, fun, creative that involves OpenStreetMap in some way, consider submitting an idea!

I hope to see you in Boulder this fall! All the conference information we have is at, so please visit us there or email with questions.

^ State of the Map US is a member of the diverse State of the Map family of events. The global State of the Map conference, organized by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, takes place in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, in August.