Get notified about OpenStreetMap changes in your area – on your phone

OpenStreetMap user Zverik built something really cool a little while ago: a map showing you recent OpenStreetMap editing activity in your area: WHODIDIT. We used to have a similar service, OWL or the OpenStreetMap watchlist, but that service has been down for a while and which has been down for a long time but is currently being resurrected by Paweł Paprota and others. In the mean time however, Zverik got tired enough of waiting to build something new. And it works really well – especially now that Simon Legner tweaked it to run even faster. Here’s what I see when I zoom in to my own area:

This is the default view which shows changes within the last week – you can choose a different horizon using a dropdown menu. The color of the cells indicate if the changes are primarily new things (green), changes (yellow) or deletions (red).

What makes WHODIDIT even more useful is that you can get an RSS link for your area of interest, giving you a feed of everything that happens with the OpenStreetMap area you care about. You can use this to just monitor an area for vandalism or irregularities, keep tabs on who is editing in your neck of the woods, or just to feel good about the amount of stuff that gets done.

There’s lots of ways to consume an RSS feed, and one that I particularly like is IFTTT or If This Than That. Their motto is ‘put the internet to work for you’ and that covers what it can do really well. The basic idea is that you connect some input trigger to a process leading to something happening elsewhere on the internet. Example: when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, post ‘Happy New Year’ on my Facebook wall. But it can do actual useful stuff too. Just have a look at the shared recipes.

I created an IFTTT recipe to grab the OpenStreetMap change feed for an area from WHODUNNIT and post any new items to Pushover, which is a notification app for iOS and Android.

Use this recipe

Now I get the sound of a beer bottle being opened every time someone edits in the Salt Lake region! Yay!


3 thoughts on “Get notified about OpenStreetMap changes in your area – on your phone

  1. The UI looks similar but underneath OWL is very different from whodidit and other tools like that I have seen. Most tools simply parse OsmChange (OSC/diff) files and gather information based on that. This is not enough to present full picture. OWL (in new version I’m working on now) parses full history planet file and generates a lot of data, including full geometry of changes so the user will be able to point and click on a way and get a lot of data about how this way changed.

    Also, OWL is meant to replace/augment current History tab at See:

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