OpenStreetMap US Virtual Mappy Hour

The new OpenStreetMap US Chapter board has been using Google+ Hangouts for meetings, and it has been serving us well. Hangouts are like conference calls, but you can see each other and that is a huge advantage over just talking on the phone.

Google offers a more public variation on this theme called Hangouts On Air. Those are basically Hangouts anyone can tune in to via YouTube. Up to 9 folks at a time can hang out, all others get to watch. We (board) thought it would be cool to use this as a new discussion platform for the OpenStreetMap US Community. So we are going to try this out and host our first OpenStreetMap US Virtual Mappy Hour, next Monday, November 12, at 5:30PM Pacific, 8:30PM Eastern.

The link will be posted on the Mappy Hour Google+ Event page on the OpenStreetMap US Chapter Google+ page for details and come hang out (and likely iron out some kinks as we figure this out) next Monday.

As for discussion topics, I would love to talk about how to guide the temporary invasion of armchair
mappers in the upcoming Operation Cowboy. If there’s interest, I could also talk about what the board has been up to. But it’s not a formal meeting, so let’s just see where (and how long) it goes.

For those without google accounts: The YouTube channel is supposedly open to the public. If you want to say something, we can dial you in. Let me know in advance if you want me to do that.
Finally, please be aware that a recording of the hangout will remain available on YouTube for anyone to watch at any time.

See you at the Virtual Mappy Hour!