Submit your session proposal for SOTM USA

It’s been a while folks. I have been working on some exciting OpenStreetMap related things that I am eager to report on, but preparing to teach my first academic course has taken up a lot of my time lately. By the way, the course is an advanced GIS course, and it’s fully online, so if you want to brush up your GIS skills, you should enroll! Drop me a line if you’re interested. But now on to relevant matters!

The deadline for session proposals for the State of the Map USA conference is on Friday, August 31, so submit your session idea soon. The conference will be made up for talks by community members on everything from tools and techniques to working with and contributing to OSM data to showcases of it in use by companies, governments, nonprofits, and everybody to bigger picture discussions of where OSM should be moving in the future.

The State of the Map USA conference will bring together people working with, adding to, and advocating for OpenStreetMap. Our community is filled with people doing interesting, cutting edge, and important work. This is your chance to share it with us all.

You can submit your session proposal here – we just need 200 words or less about what you want to talk about. If you have questions, email me or hit us up on Twitter at @sotmus.