Crumpled City Maps, Made With OpenStreetMap (And Other Data?)

We got this freaky crumpled map as a gift to bring on our upcoming trip to Rome. It’s made with OpenStreetMap data.

Crumpled City Map - Rome

Crumpled City Map - Rome

Crumpled City Map - Rome

Crumpled City Map - Rome

Crumpled City Map - Rome

Crumpled City Map - Rome

I wonder if they used any additional data and if so, did the publishers follow the directives of the CC-BY-SA license of the OpenStreetMap data? I see things appear on my crumpled map that are not currently in OpenStreetMap. An example is Parco Savello:

Crumpled Map - detailOpenStreetMap does not have this park at all:

Map data (c) OpenStreetMap and contributors.

If they did use other sources together with OpenStreetMap to make these maps, the resulting database derived work should also be licensed under CC-BY-SA. Does anyone know if that is the case?


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  1. With the CC-BY-SA the Share-Alike clause relates to the derivative work itself (in this case the map). Not the other (data) sources that are used. Which will be different when using ODbL.

    1. You’re right, Henk – it does not apply to the other databases. But still, the derived work may also be a database that was in turn used to create this map – we just don’t know.

    2. For a CC-BY-SA license, that is not relevant. With CC there is no obligation to publish any intermediate step that was taken to lead to the final result.

  2. iPhoto uses OSM data as well as other data (As you can see in the disclaimer). Are you saying that Apple is infringing the CC-BY-SA license for using various sources for its data and not publishing all them in CC-BY-SA?

    1. Depends. See also Henk’s comment above. The ShareAlike-clause of CC-BY-SA does not apply to the other data sources used, but it does apply to the derived product.

    2. So apple should publish its maps using a CC-BY-SA? What about the other data sources, what if they are not CC-BY-SA? They can’t be published with the OSM data as they can’t be published under a CC-BY-SA.

    3. In my limited understanding of legal matters, yes, Apple should be publishing whatever the final ‘derived work’ is under CC-BY-SA. If other data sources cannot be republished under that license, it seems to me that would be a problem, yes. Whether Apple actually cares, that’s quite another matter.

  3. Here’s a thought: perhaps the park was once part of OSM and was removed at some point. I suppose you could iterate through the diffs to see if Parco Savello was ever in the db…but that might be overkill.

    1. It could be but I think it is really unprobable, because I checked some renderings I previously did (e.g. ) and it didn’t seem to appear in any of these (the video is based on snapshots every month, so in theory it could be that for a short time there was the park and then later it was moved to somewhere else, because if it would have been completely deleted there it would have been detected with potlatch1, undelete feature).

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