OpenStreetMap Data Temperature – How It Was Done (And Do It Yourself!)

In my talk at State Of The Map 2011, I introduced a few new concepts relating to the local quality of OpenStreetMap data and its contributor community:

  • The Community Scorecard which is a concise way to summarize the activity of a local OpenStreetMap community
  • Data Temperature attempts to capture the ‘warmth’ of a local community in one easily interpretable figure
  • The Temperature Map captures some of the most relevant metrics for way features, the age of the last update and the number of versions, in an abstracted image of the study area.

To generate the metrics and the geodata needed, I used Jochen Topf’s osmium framework. Because I am not a skilled C++ developer, I employed the osmjs Javascript interface to the framework to parse and analyze the city-sized OpenStreetMap files. After some delay, I have published the osmjs script together with some supporting files. Feel free to use it to do your own analyses, and please improve and build on it and share back. I’d love to see this script evolve into a more general purpose quality analysis tool.

If you missed my session at SOTM11, here‘s its page on the OpenStreetMap wiki, with links to all relevant resources.