A weekly, curated digest for OpenStreetMap NL

There’s always a lot going on in OpenStreetMap-land. Too much to follow for even most regulars on the forums, let alone the casual contributor. I felt there would be a need for a local, curated digest of OpenStretMap-related news, along the same lines as the Wochennotiz in Germany and the Community Updates project on the OpenStreetMap wiki. Such a digest would serve a few functions. It would keep those less invested in OpenStreetMap ‘in the loop’; good for involvement and motivation. It would, I hope, also bring about a debate within the community over what topics are important to us, because curating a digest of the salient news forces us to look beyond just what happens today. Lastly, it could serve as a resource for those interested in OpenStreetMap from an outsider’s perspective. With OpenStreetMap gaining more momentum, it is becoming all the more important that those wishing to use, research or write about the project have an opportunity to see what’s going on inside.

The way I chose to set it up is simple. First I created a shared Google Doc (yes, you can look, too). There’s probably something non-Google out there that would be preferable to some, but I don’t really care – this gets the job done and it’s easy. Second, I got the document started with some entries. Then I announced the idea on the Dutch OpenStreetMap talk mailing list and called for participation.

A few days later, the first edition was ready to post on the Dutch OpenStreetMap blog, after really minor editing on my part. It is nowhere near perfect, but I hope it will be the start of something good. May it grow and prosper, and may it be useful to you as well, Dutch speaking readers of my blog. What’s your opinion? How should this evolve? Do you have experiences to share from another community?