Poster presentation and extended abstract for GIScience 2010

Here’s the poster I presented today at GIScience to those interested in VGI quality and Smart Catalog concept. The abstract itself can be found here [pdf link]

My poster for GIScience 2010

2 thoughts on “Poster presentation and extended abstract for GIScience 2010

  1. Nice poster, nice abstract. But I miss one important component: The “wisdom of crowds”. One part on crowd quality you do not mention is the collective quality. I can suggest you to read the book by James Surowiecki on the wisdom of crowds and see if it can be used in the next phase of this research.

  2. Even though I have not read Surowieckis work – it is on my extensive and always expanding reading list – I think the ‘collective intelligence’ or ‘crowd wisdom’ or however you choose to label it is at the very core of my crowd quality work. One of my leading assumptions is that any user contribution cannot be seen in isolation. The User dimension of CQ – his local knowledge, experience, recognition and maybe also motivations – and the feature dimension are intrinsically linked. The entire history of a feature, and on anaggregated level, of an area containing spatial features, is made up of user contributions and thus an aggregation of contributor characteristics. This aggregation provides more insight into the collective effort – and therewith on the quality of information, I postulate – than any single contributor’s inputs ever could. That is how the crowd wisdomis captured, and that is why all the quality indicators will in theend be expressed in one single CQ indicator rather than disparate partial ones.

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