OpenStreetMap Mapping Party ‘Saendelft’

The Dutch like to live in new, modern homes with a garden front and back. This leaves the country with many a suburban jungle like the one depicted below. This also means steady jobs for surveyors with the commercial mapping companies – and many a free weekend spent mapping for a Dutch OpenStreetMap contributor.

leidsche rijn 1.jpg

So, although the Netherlands got a huge boost in OpenStreetMap when AND donated its dataset for the Netherlands to the community last year, we need to continue our efforts to keep the free world map up to date. And next Saturday is as good as any, so we are heading towards the ‘Saendelft‘ suburbia project just north of Amsterdam.

Jochen Topfs maps comparison web application shows that we are lagging behind the Big G here:

If you’d like to join, find all relevant info on the Wiki (in Dutch). If you just want to see results, check OpenStreetMap in about a week’s time.


2 thoughts on “OpenStreetMap Mapping Party ‘Saendelft’

  1. It was a success: two new mapping enthusiasts, and large parts of Saendelft mapped in the scorching heat. My personal contributions were lost because of a f*cked up CF card in my camera, unfortunately.

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