Virtual Earth Custom Tile Layers in 3D mode — not anymore.

The Microsoft Virtual Earth API lets you add your own tile layer to your VE Map. My colleague StevenO wrote about preparing a suitable TileCache setup. This used to work in both 2D and 3D map modes. Recently, Microsoft introduced the latest version of the API, 6.1, along with a major data upgrade and a new version of the 3D control. A step forward in many respects, but the tile layers will not show up in 3D mode anymore. Let’s investigate. UPDATED 080508 11pm, see below

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First encounter with Microsoft Virtual Earth API


I spent a couple of days building a ‘mashup’ application that shows the 360 degree panorama photos from CycloMedia on top of the MS Virtual Earth Bird’s Eye views. The end result is a rich visual experience of a geographical location (see screenshot on the right)

In this document I summarize the challenges and useful experiences I gained with the VE API. Continue reading

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1: not just yet…

Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 is available as of today. For me, the most relevant improvement is that IE8 is designed to adhere to W3C standards. It supposedly passes the ACID2 test, though early adopters quickly found some issues with that.

What counts for me though is a real life test, so I decided to feed it two web applications that I run frequently in IE7 these days. First Google Reader, the feed aggregator with the handsome face and the pleasant character. Second is a mashup of the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform and CycloMedia 360-degree panoramic photos that I built last week as a prototype for Geodan. Continue reading