Un-Zorro-Tron – The 90 Second Video

Folks tell me that the Un-Zorro-Tron is less intuitive than its predecessor the Remap-A-Tron. So here is a 90 second video that shows you what a Zorro way is and what to do about them.

UN-ZORRO-TRON 90 sec instructions from rhodes on Vimeo.

If you don’t have 90 seconds, here’s a 60 second video:

If you don’t have 60 seconds, a picture may tell you more than 1,000 words:

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8 thoughts on “Un-Zorro-Tron – The 90 Second Video

  1. This is really a cool idea.
    Perfect for the quick osm-fix in between.

    But somehow it doesn’t fully work for me. After fixing a way, I’m not taken to the next problem.
    After re-loading manually, I’m shown a place without any marker. Now skipping doesn’t do anything and manual reload will bring me to the same spot without marker again. (Chrome 22 on WinXP here.)

    • Weird – I have been toying around with the page a little, so you may hev just hit the page in the middle of me messing something up. Let me know it it persists.

  2. I think it’d be helpful if in the Help/About you have an actual explanation of what a “zorro” way is. After looking at a few, I figured it out, but clarity is always good! For example, something like “a way that zig-zags due to a data error”??

  3. By the way, the problem described in my first comment is now gone.

    I’m really looking forward to this implemented world-wide.
    Actually, I really like this kind of machine-finds-error -> human-judges-and-corrects approach. It mixes the advantages of speed & coverage as well as common sense.

    Have you though about combining this with all the errors types that keepright (http://keepright.ipax.at) or the OSM Inspector (http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/) can find?

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